About Us

Waterscreens has been operating successfully for 15 years. Waterscreens manufactures & supplies high quality PVC Well Screens & casing to the Earth Drilling Industry for varied uses including access & removal of ground water and also environmental testing. Waterscreens can manufacture to client specific requirements including special and unique one off requirements. The raw product is high quality extruded high pressure PVC pipe of varying diameters and lengths. Through a process using specialised machinery the pipe ends are threaded to produce high quality internal connections capable of carrying the large weight loads of connected pipes. After the threading process the pipe is further modified by creating a series of accurate slots along the pipe length. These slots allow fluid (most commonly water) to enter the pipe under the natural pressure of the earth.

The common purposes for the product are to access ground or bore water mainly for agricultural irrigation requirements and also to allow for environmental monitoring of areas susceptible to contamination. These areas include perimeters of retail and commercial fuel sites or any locations where potentially damaging chemicals are stored in large quantities and where licensing regulations require frequent scheduled and/or random testing to maintain compliance. Another common use is for the removal of ground water in areas under construction to allow for further excavation in order to construct foundations.

The manufacture of these products requires specialised machinery and supplies to a niche but growing market as access to subterranean water reserves for agriculture becomes more critical. Our focus on environmental impacts continue to escalate as construction methods are continually challenged to build high density accommodation on smaller land parcels