Waterscreens have recently increased stock to include commonly used consumables to further enhance our capacity to service our clients. In addition to pipes you can purchase these items directly from Waterscreens;

  • High Pressure push on end caps for all sizes
  • High Pressure joiners
  • Threaded male end caps for Class 18, 50mm pipe
  • Threaded male and female end caps for Class 12 & Class 18, 100mm pipe
  • 50mm lockable torquer plugs
  • 100 x 100mm x 1m Galvanised & Powder Coated (high vis yellow) Monuments
  • 3/8 ‘Hole Plug’ Bentonite
  • 2mm Sand
  • Rolls of 50mm Filter Sock
*In the coming months we expand our range to include Flush Road covers and other varieties of Bentonite.